The 2019 Jovani Online Buyer's Guide

Jovani is a prominent designer and manufacturer of women's event fashion and evening wear, known for producing high-end dresses and gowns that are affordable for their level of quality and attention-to-detail.

Here you'll find's annual buyer's guide for Jovani and JVN products online.

Jovani Buyers Guide Contents

  • About Jovani Brands
  • Where to Shop for Jovani
  • Jovani Discounts & Coupons
  • Jovani New for 2019
  • JVN New for 2019
  • Jovani Dress Sizes
  • Jovani Links & Resources

About Jovani Brands

Jovani has two flagship brands that make up its corporate structure. It's primary division is the Jovani Fashion brand while it also has a newer prom-exclusive junior fashion line called JVN Fashion.

Jovani Fashion

Jovani Fashion is the main/parent division of the Jovani family of brands, launched in 1980 by founder Jacob Maslavi. The company has since been passed on to Maslavi's two sons and continues to be a thriving producer of women's fashion for nearly all special occasions and events.

When to Choose Jovani: For anyone in the market for high-end fashion and evening wear, Jovani offers astonishing styles at prices that are more accessible for the mainstream.

JVN Fashion

JVN is a newer offshoot of the Jovani brand, aimed at the junior market, specifically prom fashion. JVN products are also comparatively more affordable than Jovani Fashion branded dresses, which positions the brand within reach of many families shopping for a young ladies' prom.

When To Choose JVN: Great for prom-goers and shoppers who may not be able to afford mainline Jovani products but still demand a high-quality, stylish garment.

Best Places to Shop Jovani Online

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Jovani Dress Discounts and Coupons

Jovani is a high-end designer brand, and like other brands of such respected stature, you will not find any online discounts or coupons for Jovani or JVN products for any lower than their true MSRP. Some websites will artificially inflate the "regular" prices of such products in order to provide a "discount" that results in a final price that is equal to the actual MSRP. 

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Jovani New Products for 2019

Coming Soon.

JVN New Products for 2019

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Jovani & JVN Sizing Information

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Jovani Links and Resources

If you are looking for additional information on Jovani and JVN brands or products, the following links and resources may be helpful.