About Us

I have always been fascinated with communication and style, in fact, I have studied it and it has been a strong inspiration for my passion for fashion. We tell the world who we are by communicating, and fashion is one of the most important ways we accomplish this. With fashion we capture or command attention. Our fashion voice can be a simple statement… “I’m sexy”, “I’m classy”, “I’m driven”, “I’m aware”, and yet the fashion voice creates opportunity to reveal more complicated insights about who we are as well, “I’m unique”, “I’m extraordinary”, “I’m talented”, “I’m worth it”, “I am it”. There are moments in life that are imprinted in our minds, often these are Special Occasions….. a Wedding, a Prom, a Quinceneara, a Sweet 16, a Special Party or other Event. I believe that these special occasions are wonderful opportunities to use our fashion voice and present our personal best to our friends, families, love interests, strangers or alas…to the world. MarleighZ was created to bring this communication opportunity to you. So, don’t waste another moment, look carefully at all we have to offer at MarleighZ and find your fashion voice.

“Say It To The World!”
Marleigh of