What To Wear When the 'Ex' Will Be There

Friends, family and networks overlap and sometimes an 'Ex' ends up on the guest list too.  There probably couldn’t be a candid conversation about fashion and an 'Ex' without perusing the color green.  While known well for the familiar saying “green with envy”, green also has many positive associations.  Green is associated with wealth and vitality, balance and youth.  Green is also fascinating because it has many different cultural meanings all around the world.  For example, in Aztec cultures green is the color of royalty because quetzal plumes were used by the Aztec leaders.  Remember Quetzal Green is one of our 2019 fashion color pics! 

We love green gowns but all things considered it may not be the best choice for an event that includes an ex.  The infamous green-envy pairing can be traced all the way to Shakespeare.  Worse yet, some believe there has been a recognized link between green and jealousy dating to the ancient Greeks!  For this occasion, leave the green in the closet and choose among other safe bets.  We like pink or black.  A pink gown will present you as non-threatening, feminine and calming.  And if that isn’t the fashion voice you are looking for, a classic black dress from Marleighz is the perfect option at the other extreme.  Black signals:  power, mystery and elegance and is always a wonderful choice.