Is Violaceous Trending for 2019?

Jovani by Marleighz JVN59128

We try to take out the guess work when looking ahead at which colors will be the top performers in the upcoming fashion season. The process starts with an eye on runway shows during the fall followed by an intense study of fashion magazines through winter and ends just before spring arrives with Fashion Week. It is still a little early but we are ready to make some predictions. Top pics for 2019 are Nebulas Blue, Quetzal Green and our favorite way to say purple, “Violaceous”. While trying to zero in on the precise version of “purple” that will climb to the top we encountered fifteen fairly common ways the color is described: lavender, orchid, mulberry, heliotrope, plum, indian purple, solferino, violet, royal purple, perse, amaranthine, amethyst, grape, puce, and very simply bluish-red.  It wouldn’t be fair to include violaceous with the other descriptions we found for “purple”. No, no, no….at MarleighZ, the Violaceous Dress is in a category all its own.